Pocket Bombs

4.9 ( 8939 ratings )
Ігри Розваги Рекламний щит Стратегія
Розробник: Rion Carter
0.99 USD

Pocket bombs is an explosive strategy game with sudden upsets and, of course, exploding bombs! Based on a game from the Newton MessagePad (Bomb Game) there is plenty to excite:

- Place multiple bombs to create massive chain reactions! The last player left standing wins.
- Multiplayer: Combat up to 3 human opponents OR
- Defeat the AI in Easy, Normal or Hard difficulty modes
- Graphics optimized for Apple Retina Displays

Want a different look? Multiple themes are available:
- Default (Traditional Bombs)
- Dark (A Modern theme)
- Smilie (Its HAPPY)
- Invade (A retro arcade experience)
- Map (Pirate style)
- Pipe (Favorite 2D platformer)
- Season (A cool winter theme)

Looking for something more? Contact us with Enhancement requests.

Requires: iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 3.1 or higher